Miranda’s Approach


Psychotherapy is a technique to support you in your exploration of emotional health and balance.  It does not claim to ‘heal’ emotional disturbances, but can work on bringing awareness to unhealthy or unhelpful behaviours, emotional reactions and thought patterns that have become ingrained; and move towards more life affirming and self-supporting choices.

I am a client-centered humanistic therapist working out of, and with, the client’s immediate experience. I will not fix, compare, judge, or give advice, but be a present, compassionate witness to be with what’s true for you, moment to moment, in whatever emotion you may need to feel or express, and offer a place to explore your inner wisdom and truth.

Sometimes during therapy, working on one issue may bring up another issue that you may not have been aware of.  The new issue may feel worse than the original and sometimes may be the actual root of the problem.  If this is the case, together we will discuss whether to  explore and work with the new issue; or discuss if it is something you can put aside for later exploration.

From a practical standpoint, we will discuss your concerns, goals for therapy and possible approaches for working towards them.  Throughout your journey, we may revisit your goals, taking a look at how far you feel you have come in meeting them, and sometimes adjust them as new insights emerge.

There also may be times, with your informed consent, when we will discuss new modalities and techniques to be tried, whether goals need to be changed or adjusted, or, if referral to another professional who specializes in certain techniques, is most beneficial on your journey.  We will approach these discussions together, if and when it feels right.



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